What makes a mini-session the perfect solution for families?

Full Feature Galleries

Your gallery has the exact same features as our usual sessions. You can share the link with family and friends if you choose. You can create Favorite lLsts such as Gift Prints for Grandma. You can order prints, holiday cards, and/or or additional digitals. Orders ship directly to any address (most places in the world). And our lab uses high quality inks and archival papers. Click here to view a sample gallery.

Less Time and Less Pressure

Families enjoy being able to swing by for a fifteen minute timeframe. It's easier to talk potentially reluctant family members into joining in. I know the games and laughter makes any session fun, and even enjoyable, but people meeting me for the first time are pleasantly surprised.

Choose Your Digitals

A unique aspect of my sessions is that I want you to see all the good images our time together. I don't limit how many appear in your gallery. You get to choose which ones speak to you. And, if you fall in love with more, you can purchase them too. And I'm mindful of keeping your images attainable- you won't see a $300 price tag for one extra image. I treat families how I would want to be treated.

A Few Quality Updated Photos

Whew, what a year, am I right? This year, especially, photos are meaningful. But you may not have the funds or bandwidth to manage a full session. Minis are the perfect way to capture a few important images in a busy time of year. A full gallery is a wonderful collection, but many families find that some years are more suited to mini-sessions.


I know, we don't often discuss money or budgeting, but the reality is that many families appreciate a chance for professional portraits without the financial investment of a full session. They recognize quality over quantity. And they appreciate healthy financial choices. These mini-sessions are perfect for families that want beautiful, heartfelt images on a budget. I feel a bit like the advertisements that finish with, photos are priceless, because they really are priceless, but budgets are real life, and we honor the real life considerations of pricing.

One More Thing- My Time

This time of year, my schedule fills up quickly. I many not have room in the calendar for a full session with your family. Booking a mini-session guarantees that you and I get to see each other for photos in time for the holidays. That may not be the first big reason people book a mini-session, but it's true. I enjoy getting to see you to create photos, and I want to extend the opportunity to as many families as possible. I appreciate all of you so very much. Thank you for supporting me and my family!

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Yes, Time Does Fly

Frequently Asked Questions

With all of these reasons, I encourage to send an inquiry my way to save your time. I send you inspiration for outfits. And I'm happy to answer any questions.

What if it's raining?

If weather isn't cooperating, we'll connect with you to reschedule a time that works for both of us.

Do parents have to be in the photos?

I see how much kids appreciate photos with their parents, and I strongly encourage parents to be brave and show up in the frame for at least one or two images, but these minis can be kid sessions if you really, really don't want to be in the frame. We can also do compositions with just your hand holding theirs or other creative approaches to showing connections with kids if you really don't want to be in the photo. Galleries can be private, and you get to curate your images so you don't have to show any with you in them if that helps you feel confident in the process.

The photos are at a campground. What if we're not that outdoorsy?

Not every family is a hiking, trekking, sleep-under-the-stars family. The campground gives us a local location that doesn't have to look like you're camping. We all live in a beautiful part of the world. The Inn Town Campground is close to town with the pine trees that feel like home.

Can we bring a dog?

A dog on a leash is welcome to join you! Please keep in mind that of your family members will need to hold the leash the entire time.

How do sessions work with pandemic restrictions?

We scheduled time between each session so that families won't need to wait for their time. My assistant and I wear masks the entire time. Our camera lenses mean that we don't need to be close-close to get good photos. We don't touch anyone to adjust hair or clothing. And we have hand sanitizer on hand just in case you would like some at any time. More details are included in our information packet. Request yours by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you!