When Alice and the Red Queen Met Under Duress

This past weekend we joined like minded creatives for a Portrait Slam. We connected with Discovery Shop in Auburn where a cute black dress inspired us. This was followed by Robyn Marie's Vintage Accessories with a bowler hat, gloves, and gorgeous jewelry. We had an idea about bringing Alice into a modern age alongside the Red Queen. We had the red dress from St. Vincents Thrift Store in Reno. The Portrait Slam gave us the perfect opportunity to bring the story to life.

Could we create an image with both characters in the frame? We needed a space that could accommodate compositing a scene together. The couch was a perfect backdrop but it was in a small space. So I took multiple images to stitch together. It was a quest :)

Red Queen and Alice on a red velvet couch | Lenkaland Photography and Anika Vodicka

The result was worth the effort :) So fun to give ourselves challenges!