Celebrations These Days

Everything that we thought we knew has become an unknown. So many plans have changed. Yet our true north remains true. Love and family is treasure. If you had a big celebration planned this year, it may be rescheduled for the future (like so many of our photography and cinematography plans). Or you may be changing what the celebration will look like entirely. You may plan an elopement now and a reception party later when guidelines relax. If you are wondering how you can have beautiful portraits at your smaller ceremony, we're ready to help.

Essential Wedding Coverage is for couples that value a few professional images. Their ceremony may be an intimate wedding or elopement. They want photos of their ceremony, and a wedding couple portrait, and a few choice images with their immediate family. Or they're eloping so the only people attending are themselves and an officient.

Tough times help us see what matters in life. The celebration may change, but the love remains the same. Let's make the most of this time with images that speak to the moment with real emotions and authenticity. Your celebration may be dramatically different that what you originally imagined, but your love remains the same. You deserve lovely memories of your important day.

We created this idea for precisely these situations. And we're happy to answer any questions that you may have along the way.

We can document elopements outdoors with social distancing. If it sounds like something that would let you have photographs even during these times, send us an inquiry so we can connect and help you out! Elopement photography starts at $950 (valid summer 2020) which includes a hardcover book designed by your photographer and delivered to your home. We look forward to connecting with you soon!