The Perfect Gift for Everyone

What gains value over time? What doesn't become obsolete or technically challenging? What becomes a treasure for everyone, from the giver to the receiver?

If you guess photos, you're right! Photos are a gift that becomes more valuable as time passes. Everything changes. Gifting a photo session allows you to dedicate time and space to make a session happen in the new year.

We have streamlined easy processes for gifting a photo session. You can choose from our collections. We sort out settling the investment, either online or by sending us a check. We send you a PDF with the details about the session that you chose. You can print the PDF to package up as a gift for anyone on your list. When it comes time for the session, we treat your recipients to the Lenkaland Experience without ever mentioning pricing. And, most likely, they will share the gallery link with you so you can view the images as well :)

We like simplicity. And gifts that don't require finding parking or braving crowds are appreciated by everyone :)

Contact us to set up your photography gift for any occasion.

If you took photos with us this past year, we can probably create a gift certificate for prints, too. Perfect for grandparents or family that may enjoy a print in their home. You receive the gift code to share with them so they can order to ship anywhere.

Products and Branding Images as Gifts

You can also gift to a family or friend starting a business or launching a product. Every new idea needs a few hero images to create banners and icons. You can gift them time to put their images in lovely light and composition that will help their dreams come true. That's a gift to remember. Send us a note with your idea and we'll craft a gift certificate for you to pass along to them.

We can create treasures together :) Of course, all investment quotes outside Nevada County may require travel compensation. Send us a note and we'll see what we can create to make your family and friends delight in their gift :) Happy holidays!

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