What do you value when history knocks at your door? What do you remember most? For us, the answer is simple. Family.

All types of families, from new couples to families with children, enjoy beautiful photos together. We may have vast collections of photos on our phone's camera roll, yet only a few of those photos feature everyone in the frame (because someone's taking the photo). This year, the Inn Town Campground and I are collaborating to create a charming location for photos close to town. The day for this special event is Sunday, November 8, 2020.

Edit to add: Additional date has been added on November 15, 2020. Reserve your time for heartfelt family photos on a short-and-sweet timeline.

What are the details?

Your reservation fee is $97 which becomes a credit in your online gallery, good for at least 6 digital downloads. All portraits take place outdoors. The campground is a beautiful setting for our time together. Each session is fifteen minutes, perfect for a photo of your family all together in addition to other ideas as time allows (like siblings). I edit all photos for pretty color and light, then upload to a private gallery. Your gallery will have at least 10 images in both color and black & white. Within a few weeks, I send you an online gallery link and gift code worth the reservation fee that you can use however you like in the gallery shop. You can choose digitals, prints, holiday cards, and/or packages. Your gift code will purchase 6 digitals of your choosing (or use the credit for prints). Additional digitals will be available for purchase. Click here to view a sample gallery. Your payment of $97 is due at the time of booking to save your spot.

How many people can be in the session?

Sessions are designed for one family, up to 5 people. These mini-sessions are not for multiple families or extended families (those take more time to organize and edit).

Couples are welcome to book a session as well! Couples enjoy photos together. And the campground is a perfect location for portraits.

Why book a mini-session?

Many people find mini-sessions perfect if they're not familiar with a professional photography session. You get beautiful photographs with less organizing.

These sessions are perfect for busy families that value a few good photographs of themselves together. A short session is easier for coaxing potentially reluctant family members to stop by for just fifteen minutes instead of a longer time. Families have less pressure to organize their day around a taking photos. You can dress up or arrive in casual clothing. Fifteen minutes is also convenient for parents with young children, who know that their children will only be interested in an activity for a short while.

Couples enjoy a mini-session because they only need a few good photos. A the longer session may feel like more than they need for a holiday card image or two. Many people schedule photos at this time of year for their holiday cards, which only use a few images most of the time.

These sessions are not designed for anyone looking for a full session on a compressed timeline. My usual sessions are at least twenty minutes, and often closer to 45 minutes. A shorter time together means we prioritize a few important groups. We don't build an entire assortment of images on a racecar timeline. My goal is to create quality images with a relaxed vibe that everyone enjoys.

How do sessions work with Covid-19?

All sessions take place outdoors. We ask everyone to wear masks from your car to the photography location in case you pass by other people. You will not need to wear masks for your portraits. My assistant and I will wear masks for extra-caution. We do not touch anyone to adjust hair or clothing. We organize the day with safety as a top priority.

Everything about these sessions includes the relaxed vibe that you expect from a session with me in a beautiful forest location. The sessions will be fifteen minutes. And your reservation amount becomes a credit to use in your private gallery. Photos will be posted within two weeks so you have plenty of time to order prints, holiday cards, and gifts.

I look forward to a fun afternoon making memories together!