Portrait Session Outfits

In this day and age, your portrait is your virtual handshake. It's often the first impression online for clients and potential business partnerships. And your portrait communicates a lot without saying a word. A high quality portrait conveys the value you bring to your business or brand. Having your portrait taken doesn't have to be stressful. Select an outfit that represents who you are professionally.

We do not limit your number of outfits. However, our time together is valuable, so spending time changing fifteen times means less time creating portraits. Most clients wear a shirt with a sweater or blazer so it's simple to change a look without needing to change your entire outfit.

Yes to accessories, your style (whatever that may be) and yes to being comfortable. Express yourself.

Be true to who you are.

With that said, it's wise to avoid super bright colors that reflect onto skin (fluorescents). Avoid big logos or words that may only show partially on camera. Especially with headshots, the emphasis is on you. Wear what reflects your style.

A woman with dark hair sits beside an Airstream

Can I dress up?

Of course! Keep in mind that the emphasis in a professional portrait is you. You don't need overly fussy clothing. We'll probably only see part of your outfit in the final image.

What makes a good style?

You do not need to dress up in a fancy way. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and looks professional. Avoid clothing that looks wrinkled or mussed easily. It's often a good idea to wear a solid color or subtle pattern. You can accessorize to add more personality.

What does casual and formal style mean?

An example of casual style would be a t-shirt or tank top. A formal style would be a button-up shirt or fitted top. Your portrait is your first impression online, so choose what will connect with your clients and community.

Can I bring props?

Yes, we can include props, especially if they help connect with your community. Examples may be a coffee cup or laptop or clipboard. Showing who you are and how you interact with your professional life helps you look personable. For a straightforward headshot you do not need props.

Remember the shoes

We may walk on uneven ground which may be damp or dusty. If you want fancy shoes in your photos, we recommend slides or slip ons to get from spot to spot. Then you can change into your fancy shoes for the photograph. Of course, we believe in comfy everything, so if sneakers are your style, feel free to wear them which whatever you like. Shoes can be an expression of your personality too. Wear your favorite kicks, or cowboy boots, or flip flops. All styles are welcome here :). Very few professional portraits include shoes, so you probably don't need to make special decisions about your shoes.

The Modern Headshot

A modern portrait is relaxed and approachable, while remaining professional. Choose an outfit that reflects who you are at work on your best day. Be comfortable. If you have questions, I'm happy to give advice for a great experience. The outfit is not as important as who you are, and I'm going to make sure that shines through no matter what you're wearing. We got this.

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