The greatest adventure is the story of our family. When it comes to great heros and heroines, our ancestors are the stories that we crave over any bestseller or blockbuster movie. And the wonderful thing is that we get to choose how these stories are passed through time. How do you want your story shown? Because I guarantee you that your kids don't care about a fancier outfit or slimer figure or gap tooth smile (hello, me!). Your kids care about you. Just you. And the greatest gift that you can give them is images of you together with them.

Modern kids will have two challenges (among usual life challenges). One is that, even though they are some of the most photographed children ever-ever, they may have a ghost-parent who was taking all the photos (oops, me again). This means that while they may have 100 photos with a birthday cake or cute smile, they will only have a handful with their mom or dad (whoever takes most of the photos). You can give them a mighty gift when you invite someone else to take photos of you together (even if their young self doesn't realize it's a gift at the time).

Their second challenge will be, even though they're the most photographed generation ever, they may only have a few actual prints of their childhood. We are determined to help you get photographs off of digital devices. We believe in the magic of prints. We give you support and resources to help images become actual photographs and not just digital images. We even offer album design.

And truth time. Things will change. Kids grow. We encourage everyone to document the little things alongside big moments. Everyone tends to take photos of vacations and birthdays. Yet the everyday stuff is the magic of our memories. Little outings, either in a favorite place or your home, mean so much in the coming years. Let's make memories.

Portrait of me and my son from when he was small